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07 jun


Tusindvis af nøgne kroppe

7. juni 2015 | By |



Angelo Musco (born 3 February 1973) is an Italian contemporary artist, based in NYC, best known for photographic surreal landscapes built by thousands of nude bodies, where the natural architectures and visionary landscapes are filled with the haunting mysticism of his own origins. (Kilde: Wiki)

Da han blev født, vejede han 6,5 kg og havde ligget 11 mdr i moderens mave. Hjemmefødslen var kritisk og Angelo blev hasteindlagt på hospitalet. Den ene side af hans krop er skadet permanent.


Recurring themes relate to his difficult birth, such as confinement, subterranean worlds, and natural architecture. The human body has taken more and more space in his work, often weaving and connecting masses of nude bodies in mosaics creating constructions that are literal or symbolic representations of eggs, nests, amniotic fluid and other inspirations from the miracle of procreation. (Kilde: Wiki)


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