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25. maj 2015 | By |


Sean Yoro aka HULA er fra Hawaii, men bor i dag i New York City.

Hula decided to grab his surfboard, a bunch of acrylic paints, and get as far away from the street as possible!! This was definitely a genius move by Hula. The result is simply breathtaking and beautiful! In equilibrium on his surfboard, the Hawaii-native artist brought to life a series of beautiful portraits which perfectly integrates with the ocean. Everyone will forever be wondering if the rest of the women are hiding under the water.

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How did you get into art?
I grew up on the eastside of Oahu, where I spent most my days in the ocean. Art was always around in different forms throughout my life. I dabbled in graffiti and watercolor growing up and even apprenticed for a year as a tattoo artist. I never took any of it seriously until I stumbled into a life drawing course at a community college when I was 21. After the first class, I was in love and my dream of becoming a visual artist was born.

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